Thermal Management Update with Doug Brooks

January 22, 2018 | Andy Shaughnessy, PCBDesign007

I had the opportunity to talk with our contributor Doug Brooks recently. He has been doing some research on temperature effects on PCB traces over the last few years, and I wanted to check the status of his latest thermal efforts. He discussed his work with Dr. Johannes Adam, why temperature charts based on a trace in isolation are inaccurate, and how the industry remained so wrong about PCB temperatures for so long.

PCB Cooling Strategies, Part 1

January 19, 2018 | Bin Zhou, EDADOC

With the development of communication and IT industries and the ever-increasing demand for information analysis, many chip makers have racked their brains trying to provide customers with better technology, such as increased computing power and storage capacity of chips as well as diversifying their product offerings.


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IoT: Let’s Put the “A” Back in EDA, by Ben Jordan
Fully Automated Schematic Verification, by Craig Armenti
Ucamco Focuses on Improving Gerber, CAM Automation, a conversation with Karel Tavernier
Pulsonix Ready for 2018, a conversation with Ty Stephens

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